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2015 After a failed KickStarter -- many years ago trying again to get my art done donate here Link: gofundme.com/notDeadYet

Minimum amount allowed to donate on GoFundMe is $5.00. I need 1,400 #Art lovers #notDeadYet http://t.co/SSQvNaFefQ pic.twitter.com/eaOUE7kpMf

— Hertz Nazaire (@NazHz) March 20, 2015

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ART PROJECT: Haitian Superflat | ハイチのスーパーフラット Haiti + Japan | Nazaire

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UPDATE 2015 Seeking 1,400 Patrons of the Arts

Hello to all who have followed my Art over the years. In recent years I have gotten many emails asking for me to donate my Art to a Sickle Cell fundraiser or something for Haiti. I have often donated the little I have.

The problem is after nearly emptying out my work space of my art I have no money to buy the canvas and paint to create more as an artist. My community asks a lot of me and I do feel a sense of responsibility to give back. But I cannot help everyone. I feel a strong pressure to become successful as a painter to help the causes I believe needs my support.

I tried KickStarter 5 years ago to crowd fund for art supplies so I could continue my work. I failed to reach my goals. If you do not fail it means you did not take the risk and you did not try.

I am trying again to raise the funds for what I need to create the work I have been neglecting for years. GoFundMe has no goal limit so I'll get the donations sent even if I do not reach the goal on the page. I have checked the prices for the canvas and paint and reached a number that could get things started. I am alive there is so much more I can do and say with my talent. I need your help and support. I need 1,400 art lovers to donate $5 to erase the limitation that has always kept me from doing what I have dreamed about as a painter. $5 is the minimum donation allowed at GoFundMe.

see my art website for more nazaire.info I am hoping if you know me, you cared enough about my Art to care about me creating more of it. Many years ago I created a painting about my #‎SicklCell pain titled "Hope" - funny thing about hope is you cannot have hope and forget to do. I want to do for myself and my community. No one likes to ask for help, it has not been easy for me to been in need of it. But I have been fortunate to have so many people care about me. Sickle Cell is a hardship but my life still can be more than regrets of wasted talent.

I am highly motivated. I am tired of seeing rich and successful folks in my community ignore the causes I care about like Sickle Cell Disease. Since I see the need, I should be Doing More to be Successful enough to be in a position to do what I see they are ignoring myself. This is where I want to take my ART. I am alive I have PURPOSE. Thank You for reading this, please share my words and request of support with others who can value these words.


Hertz Nazaire

Link: http://www.gofundme.com/notDeadYet

What is Haitian Superflat?

Haitian Superflat is basically the perspective of a Haitian born Artist / Painter looking at similar themes from the SUPERFLAT movement in Japan started by Takashi Murakami.  So from the viewpoint of an OUTSIDER looking in and taking elements from his own background of Haiti into what he is discovering...  A Haitian painter studying and exploring Japanese culture as a whole and mixing elements of Haitian Culture into an already interesting mixture of MANGA / ANIME - OTAKU Sub-Cultures, technology, sexuality, modern consumer culture and how all these things impact a person's mind and life.  Simply Haitian Superflat is a personal journey of one artist on a quest to blend imagery from both Haiti + Japan on canvas seeking to understand more about life, identity, and similarities of the human heart without borders.

Though inspired by SUPERFLAT some of the differences in Haitian Superflat are not having the benefit of a super cool Hiropon Factory or Andy Warhol like production line to create a massive amount of work.  This will only be a personal exploration, for now just a desire to introduce Haiti into Pop-Art.  Another difference in ハイチのスーパーフラット the paintings may deal with broader themes of Life in Haiti not only cute imagery but under the surface this series will aim to show an underling theme of the apathetic nature that is found through life and consumerism in general. The HAVES vs. the HAVE-NOTS... Childlike Wants + Desires... Fantasy vs. REALITY...

(breaking it down to the basics)

Haitian Superflat is expressed by artist Hertz Nazaire in the following ways

  1. Paintings (production of a large body of work reflecting the subject of Haiti + Japan ハイチのスーパーフラット)
  2. Cosplay (コスプレ) "costume play" is a type of performance art that has been spread out from otaku culture this will focus on the aspect of lost identity, fantasy vs reality. Conceptual Cosplay as (ミスターノーバディ)*
  3. Conceptual + Installation + Street Art = Love Love Healing Eggs** for planned installations as support pieces to the series of paintings. And to simply share them as street art and good luck + wellness charms.
  4. Culture and Language - Kanji will be used whenever possible because exploring to understand meanings of things is part of the Haitian Superflat concept. The artist does not speak or read Japanese but technology allows for cultures to communicate and exchange ideas easier today.  The goal of this language use is to encourage and promote curiosity, a desire to learn and understand something you do not already know... with the hopes that this will lead to continued peace and friendship between cultures.




ミスターノーバディ (Mr. NOBODY) Profile [exclusive not found on wikipedia]:

full name: NOBODY CARES


occupation: Art Agent / Remix Painter / Steet Artist / Actor / Producer / Designer / Branding / Part-Time Troll / Part-Time Lover

hobbies: exploring sub-cultures and the invisible, the forgotten / anything Japanese / Haitian Food Critic + Taster / collector of hot sauces / Anime + Manga / Video Games / Kinbaku 緊縛 + Shibari 縛りArt

current bookmarks: NeoGaf Addicts Anonymous  / 4chan the Art of Troll Face / FetLife Shibari Guide  / Air Anime / J-List Shopper Points / Nintendium / Crunchyroll Squid Girl + Chobits / Naruto+Hinata Fan Club / EGG LOVERS | TENGA / Louis Vuitton Condoms

favorite podcasts: The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe / This American Life / 8-4 Play / Giant Bombcast

most influential tv programs: La vie nan bouk la (Papa Piè), The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, All in the Family, Good Times

personal life: rumored to be dating 高嶺 愛花 / 小早川 凛子 / 小早川 凛子


/---! ( (stop don't tell them all my secrets!) )

main theme of silent protest: Poverty + Pain + Insanity.


2** ( ( permission has been granted by the good people of TENGA Co., Ltd. based in Tokyo, Japan for the artist to continue this part of the Haitian Superflat concept and paint these special wellness eggs for future art installations ) )

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